Who are we

  • We are THE BRAND SENSE; we call it as TBS.
  • We work in Public Relation. We provide strategic PR solutions using Scientific Brand Development to both internal as well as external public.
  • We have developed our very own methodologies which are based on Consumer behavior, their decision making styles, Persuasive psychology and Neuromarketing, Behavioral economics.
  • We provide you the combination of market capturing and PR considering millennial generation.

We believe public relations are 90 % human psychology and 10 % communication.

which we provide

This is the bouquet of services we provide. But we do Gap Analysis at first and then determine what services are needed for that particular business instead of advising all the services.

Strategic Solutions

Our solution are based on different scientific methodologies.

Digital Marketing

Organic and Inorganic promotions on leading social media apps; Facebook, Instagram, Linked in.

Content Writing

We have team which understands business properly and writes the content with keen understanding.


For print media we provide you catchy layouts and strategies to make brand

Web Site Development

Web development is the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet or an intranet

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing the rank of website on the search engines, to get more visitors and converting it into business.

HR System Solutions

We creating Employer Brand, Constitution of Organization Also develop Healthy Work Culture, Vision, Mission, and Values of Organization

Communication Training

Here we try to develop team work, Honesty and sense of belongingness within employees

Product and Package Designing

We provide Creative and strategic ideas to create product logo, designs.

“Want to have FREE PR INSIGHT from our experts?

Science of Advertisement

Science of Advertisement

Instead of paper/magazine ad or hoarding with product bragging connotation, we believe strategic thinking which allows advertisement to be more persuasive. Different ways we use to create such strategies are written below.