How we do Public Relations

Our way of doing PR

Usually when you hear terms such as Advertisement, Public relations, Branding, Digital marketing; you get worried because these

services demand to cut down your pockets to nil. We are little different, (says every one, Duh!!)

But actually you should listen to us once. We are the “minimum budget maximum impact” providers.

What Do We Do in GAP ANALYSIS?

The way doctor first checks his patient. Tries to understand what problem the patient/person has. Diagnoses the disease. And then gives a proper prescription which will cure that person.

Same is TBS way of doing PR.

We take brief overview of your business by doing one on one interaction with directors and key staff members using customized questionnaire. Along with this we also collect anonymous feedback of staff members. Using this data we understand your company, your products/Services and then decide what kind of service TBS is going to provide you unlike other PR companies who tell you to do things which are not even necessary.

Public Relationship-GAP ANALYSIS
Public Relationship-After-GAP ANALYSIS

What After Gap Analysis?

After this we come up with the mixture of solution for External public as well as Internal public based on our indigenously designed methodology of Scientific Brand Development.

What Is External Public?

Yes, as the name suggests, people outside the company.
Customers, Consumers, Clients.
Contrary to the other Ad agencies we have developed a model which has 3 pillars:

Whom - To whom your brand should communicate? Define your target audience. E.g.:-Consumer segmentation based on sex, gender, demography.

What - What your brand should communicate to set desired perceptions among your target audience?

How – And, how to create buzz? We create buzz by providing reason & platform and making people believe that they are talking with self motivation or volition. We use KISS methodology

Using these three pillars we help you to create strategy which will give you positive results in your business.
Now if you know how to implement these pillars call us to congratulate you for your success and if you don’t; feel free to call us, we are happy to help you.

Public Relationship-External-Public
Public Relationship-Internal-Public

What Is Internal Public?

Here we deal with employees.
We TBS believe in employee satisfaction because a happy employee gets you a happy customer. Hence we develop employer brand; which focuses on creating healthy work employee culture.
We help you to develop constitution of your organization which helps you in conflict resolution and motivating your workforce.
In internal branding we help you to

  • Create Constitution of your organization
  • Build Visual Brand Identity
    -Creating Corporate identity (logo, stationary, dress)
    -Brand ambience
  • Impart Communication Training
  • Provide Employee Counseling

Now Why Will Scientific Brand Development Create Impact?

As mentioned we develop such strategies using numerous concepts which are neuro marketing, persuasive psychology, Behavioral science etc.; which are quite different approaches than traditional ones. It helps you to reach out to the people which are future customers of your business in very efficient manner without monetary pressure.

So the Public Relation strategy designed using Scientific Brand Development doesn’t disconnect a person from brand but creates a sense of belonging.

Public Relationship-Scientific Brand Development Create Impact